RC Polytechnic Kyiv UA is a rugby club with a history

The first rugby club of Ukraine – playing since 1962 year!

despite all

On our page Facebook you can find out about the current news of the club and our rugby life, in particular about the urgent requirements for military rugby players at the front, and the participation of our players in the national rugby team of Ukraine.


Military rugby players at the front

Rugby players from our club, players, coaches and ex-coach, from the first days went to territorial defense, joined the ranks of the Armed Forces and helped as volunteers.

On our Facebook we post urgent news for both our rugby players and rugby players from other Ukrainian teams who need everything from night vision devices to anti-drone guns and cars.

Support from a club from England

Northampton Saints from England supported Ukraine.

The coach and players of the club organized volunteer help and posted on their Facebook page.

Great support from Zebre Rugby Club from Italy

RC Zebre Rugby from Parma, Italy, in the person of the director Michele Dalai, after February 24, 2022 contacted the asset of the club and offered their help. They sent 2 buses to the border of Ukraine, took them to Italy and accommodated almost 70 refugees, mostly relatives of rugby players - children, women and several young rugby players aged 16-17. We personally thank Mikel for his initiative and finding all the resources for this assistance.

We are very grateful to all Italians for their real support in that difficult time. And as Michele did not get tired to repeat to us - RUGBY IS A FAMILY.

Coach from big sports

Poti-Perpignan-Kyiv: from great sports to cousine

At 25, together with the team of Dimitri Basilaia (Dimitri Basilaia) flies to his first adult World Championship in New Zealand. Scores a landmark try in the game against England. Dimitri will call the match with England "the best" in his career. After the game, he is invited to Scotland.

Easy to start, difficult to stop… and impossible to forget.


Watch broadcasts of matches on our YouTube-channel

Match's VIDEO

"Sokil" Lviv - "Polytechnic" Kyiv, 30.10.2021

Sport News video review of the away game

The last match of the rugby season. "Sokil" hosted Kyiv "Polytechnic" at home - a powerful newcomer to the Rugby Super League. - From the Sport News story from PravdaTUT Lviv. The whole video is here β†’

Rugby is a game all about teamwork and support.

Rugby is life,

the rest are just details.

We are grateful for the time, knowledge and words of each of you who kept and lead the team.



DimitrI basilAIa

By chance and the power of communication, Dimitri, who at one time played for the national team of Georgia, for clubs in France and Scotland, who made an incredible effort for England at the World Cup in 2015, saw something in our team and in 2020 became our coach.

With him, we became the bronze medalist of the Championship of Ukraine 2021 (men's Super League, the highest division).

2024 - Dimitry becomes the coach of the men's national team of Ukraine in rugby-15.


oleksandr sabirov

Oleksandr Sabirov, a senior lecturer at the department of sports improvement of NTUU "Ihor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", introduced students to rugby.

"Modern rugby is a dynamic and quite spectacular sports game that is cultivated on all continents of the world" - you can read Oleksandr's article about the development and formation of rugby in Ukraine here ➑

─ is a hooligans game played by gentlemen
Winston Churchill

Throughout the history of the team, many athletes have passed through it - some live in Ukraine, some play for foreign clubs in Spain, Georgia, Poland, the USA and elsewhere.


Our club's players are regularly called up to the national rugby-15 and rugby-7 teams of Ukraine, and play with the national teams of Latvia, Croatia, Switzerland, and other European countries.

participation in the national team of Ukraine

Also, some of our players do rugby in such countries as the USA, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Georgia. We are proud of them!

Polytechnic Rugby club is the first rugby team of Ukraine, created on the basis of KPI back in 1962. Multiple champion of Ukraine, participant of international tournaments.

RK Polytechnic is the bronze medalist of the 2021 Rugby-15 Championship of Ukraine.

In 2022, the club was supposed to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

History. the first rugby club of ukraine

"Rugby is one of the oldest game sports at KPI. The team was created back in 1962 by enthusiastic amateurs - rugby players - students of the Metropolitan Polytechnic.

During its existence, it did not cease to exist for even one year.

"Polytechnic" seven times became the winner of the championships of independent Ukraine and three times the champion of the Ukrainian SSR.

In 2015-2016, our rugby players took second place in the youth league two years in a row. International victories of the "Polytechnic" team: Hoverzhov (Czech Republic) - 1989; Benidorm (Spain) – 1992, 1994, 1995; Milwaukee (USA) - 1993."

Read the original article here β†’

unfortunately, despite the history, today the alma mater doesn't support the team and we have to train elsewhere and take care of the team ourselves.

We play Rugby Union Rugby-15, Rugby-7 and beach rugby as well.





Together with Kyiv Beach Rugby

In quiet times, rugby players used to gather to play beach rugby and participate in championships.

Rugby-7 speed and endurance

Rugby-7 is an Olympic type of rugby. It is played on a field for rugby-15 under almost similar rules by teams of 7 players each. The game consists of two halves of 7 minutes each.

Rugby-15 strength and power

Rugby-15 is the main form of rugby, with 15 players each. The game consists of two halves of 40 minutes each.

Anyone who wants to play rugby can join the team: professional coaches and experienced players will help to become a full-fledged part of RC Polytechnic.

Have you ever played rugby or are you in good shape and want to try the exciting sport?

Contact us and come to training!


Our club is not professional, so the rewards are purely intangible: adrenaline, a sense of unity, friendship and physical activity.

If you have the opportunity and desire - you can become a sponsor of the team both personally and as a company.

Our manager will answer your questions and, together with the club's assets, will consider your offer.


We are supported by great people of:


cheer on!

Our club does not have millions of fans, we do not gather full stadiums for matches ✹ and we are grateful to everyone who comes to the game, watches the online broadcast, and supports the players and the team.

Support the team - come to the stadium or watch the broadcast online!